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Top 5 Small Business Tips for Digital Marketing in 2018

Now that the first month of the New Year is coming to an end, it is a good time to assess your digital strategy and focus on what’s important.

1. Long Live Good Old SEO

If you are on page one in your space you probably already know it, if not you probably know who is. Yes, you can fake it by doing Google Adwords, but that is expensive.

Figure out what your top 5 search terms are and build your website content around those key phrases. Sign Up for BrightLocal, a local citation service, which will add you to all of the major directories.

Make sure you run your website through an on-page SEO Checker to ensure your site is at least a B+ or 85% in rating. If you score low, hire a local web developer to fix your onsite issues. Pay them on an hourly basis and get an estimate of the work before agreeing to it.

Once you’ve completed those steps, consider hiring a local SEO expert. They can work on raising your rank within your area for local search terms. Remember if you want to rank on page 1, and you’re in a very competitive space you need to start local and work up from there.

2. Micro-Influencers

Tap into micro-influencers and get to know them. Getting a shout out from a credible source on social media can gain you major brownie points in your industry. Someone who has a large following might not have a high engagement rate. Learn someone’s engagement rate before you negotiate anything with them.

For Instagram you can check out this free service which will tell you a person’s engagement rate on Instagram. Anything higher than 8% is recommended.

Don’t subscribe to those influencer platform services, it’s a waste of money.. you’re paying for contacts, that’s the bottom-line with these services.

You’ll have a better chance contacting the influencers directly yourselves. A simple message to their inbox introducing yourself and what you are interested in them promoting is the first step. Don’t offer any compensation until they ask. Ask them to recommend a dollar amount and then that’s when you start to negotiate. A lot of influencers are happy with free product vs. money.

3. Amazon Sellers Accounts

Amazon Marketplace is bigger than ever. If you’re selling online, take advantage of this channel and sell on there. Apply for a sellers account and learn retail arbitrage.

There are fantastic YouTube videos that walk you through the process. I recommend Jungle Scout as a resource! Check out Greg’s product VLOG here.

Lots of people are selling their product and services on Amazon.

4. Pedestrian Content Works

Don’t hire an expensive copywriter, unless you’re writing medical blogs. Hire a copywriter who can break down your website content so a five-year-old can understand it.

These days people have the attention spans of a goldfish. Short easy reads that get to the point are vital.

Plan out a content strategy in an outline form. Base the outline on what you know since you know your space.

Get one blog written per week, and if you decide to write the blog yourself have an English college major, or a junior copywriter proofread it.

5. Facebook Lead Form Ads for Lead Generation on the cheap

Facebook Lead Ads are a new way to generate leads directly within Facebook.

When a potential customer clicks on your ad instead of directing them to a website landing page, the user has a pre-filled out form from their information on Facebook.

The fewer clicks, the better. Facebook lead forms are typically way cheaper than Google Adwords.

You can create stunning ads by using a free program such as Canva to create ads.

Don’t re-create the wheel and look at what your competitors are doing.

Use AdEspresso to see what your competitors are doing so you can mimic but make better.

Alright that’s a good starting place. Remember less is more. Use your resources around you and utilize those 14 day free trials whenever possible!

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