“PR for Entrepreneurs” Coaching Program

PR for Entrepreneurs is a program unlike any other.

It seems like every day another small business or individual with a limited marketing budget reaches out about PR services.

I get it. Positive coverage in high-profile media outlets can take a person or company with a story to tell from obscurity to mass awareness; not to mention deliver the credibility that paid ads, and even social media, can’t always produce.

However, as an agency owner, I refuse to take a cent from anyone actually contemplating handing over their entire marketing budget in hopes of landing that home run feature story or major TV segment. Why? It’s simple. If you can’t afford to part with your marketing money knowing that your dream media placement might not become a reality, it’s just not worth it.

Plus, there’s an easier way!

Rather than paying a monthly retainer to an agency and losing sleep every night concerned that you’re not seeing results and throwing money down the drain, you can learn some quick and easy concepts and strategies to generate free publicity on your own. Truth is, there’s¬†nothing more powerful than when a passionate business owner launching or promoting a new product, brand or service authentically reaches out to the media directly with a great pitch. With some foundational knowledge and a little training on storytelling, strategy, process and nuance, you can become you’re own kick ass publicist, and outperform the most expensive agency in much less time. With 18 years under my belt working with some of the most recognized brands and personalities in the world, I’ll show you how.

PR for Entrepreneurs addresses the following:

  • Developing and communicating a compelling brand story
  • Defining and using key messages to drive media coverage and build storylines that sell
  • Creating 7 – 10 desired media headlines and reverse engineer the process to land them fast
  • Mastering the art of the pitch to generate media coverage around the clock
  • Developing a media list that converts
  • Producing news and media opportunities during slow periods or when you don’t have anything noteworthy to promote

Once you quickly master these areas, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to rock out some effective – and potentially game-changing – media coverage in very little time.

Use the contact form below, tell us about your needs and after learning more we’ll determine if our one on one small business coaching program is the right fit for you. You can also shoot me an email directly at

Bottoms up from ThePub!  Cheers to your massive PR and marketing success!